The internet is a boon to modern mankind – the magnitude of its benefit is huge. Internet facilitates smooth and easy communication across the globe at low cost. The internet has helped in new exciting developments in various fields such as finance, transportation, health, shopping online, media, etc.

The speed with which the gamut of information is available through the internet is exemplary. Search Engines play a pivotal role to provide this information. One can say that Search Engines are the global guides as they are helpful in providing information to the seeker. Search Engine Optimization process optimizes website and search engine pages display the website content.

Search Engine scans the entire web and then organizes the data to display when it is sought by the user. Searcher or the user types the keywords in the search box. Information required is available by typing the keyword in form of links to the various website relevant to the keywords typed. It displays informative web links which one might not be aware of its existence.

There are many SEARCH ENGINES.

Following are few top search engines. – No.1 search engine is the most popular search engine. The market share for Google is huge and according to Google has 74.52% market share, while has 7.98%.

BAIDU is the popular search engine in China and has the second largest market share in the world. Bing is from Microsoft. Bing look is visually pleasing. The video search from Bing is of top quality. In video search Bing’s preview part is an excellent feature – showing a grid of video thumbnails. If one hovers on these thumbnails one can see the preview of the video which is not in the case of

Image quality, Music Video Discovery, Social Media Integration are other salient features from Bing.


It is one of the oldest search engines and provides more detailed and exhaustive search results. It has multiple options in shopping search. Yahoo Email and Yahoo Answers are popular features from Yahoo.

Yandex.Ru is one of the most popular Search Engine in Russia with a market share of more than 50%. Wikipedia considers Yandex.RU as the fifth largest search engine after Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo. Yandex.Ru is considered the largest multinational company in Internet-related services and products. was previously named as Ask.Jeeves. is a search engine with a simple cool home page. is appropriate for specific question-related searches. is one of the top ten search engines with a market share of 0.04% as per figures from

Duckduckgo has a distinctive style of displaying only one page of search results. Not many ads which give it a simple layout with a clean interface.

WebCrawler has blue links on their search result page and precise marking separation for Ads and search results. In the case of video search results, the attached description text is more than what is displayed on Google.

Internet Archive the website is and it is a digital library having digitalized collections of free books, software, music, and websites, and the best part is the access is free. is the collection of results from the top search engines websites such as google, yahoo, ASK, and social media websites. It is known for providing interesting, trendy and popular results.

We have listed below Top 50 search engines which include 5 local search engines in India.
Internet Archive
BBC – Search the web
Netscape Search
NBCi and
Netscape Search


5 Local Search Engines:

Justdial is India’s Google – the popular local search engine which gives all information sought by the user whether it is B2C or B2B, for both products and services. Justdial is a pan India search engine having its offices available in all metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and other prominent cities such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Jaipur.

­­­­­­­ is India’s local information service website which gives information for Cinemas, Coffee shops, Doctors, Entertainment, Events, Salon, Shopping, Spa, Nightlife, and much more information with reviews from users which includes recommendations.

Grotal provides accurate, concise information to the user. It gives complete contact information consisting of office address, phone number, email, and website address if available.

Powered by is local search engine providing complete current information on all types of products and services related to all businesses. is a local search engine service guide buyers with the information they seek by providing comprehensive information. is yellow pages business directory giving A TO Z information of products, services related to businesses in your locality.

Local search engines help to acquire information in your locality whereas global search engine displays information which is not location restricted.

Conclusively one can say that there are many search engines with various features and layouts, however, universally Google is the best search engine.


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