SEO for 2016

SEO for 2016

SEO helps in increasing search engine ranking and increase in visitors on the website. If you have a visitor there will be leads which can be converted to potential customers.

Over the years, the SEO process has evolved with new challenges for SEO operators. The main component to successful SEO has been both –On-page and Off-page optimization – keywords density, relevant Meta Tags (titles and descriptions), content, quality of backlinks, etc.

If we consider SEO 2016, UX METRICS- USER EXPERIENCE METRICS – holds the key to SEO success, because of new updates on Google. Good UX metrics numbers increase if average duration session, page per session along with a simultaneous decrease in bounce rate.

It also implies that along with UX metrics generation of more traffic on the website is essential – more the traffic, more users experience. It is essential to generate traffic on the website with quality UX metrics to improve rankings and SEO.

Off-page optimization checklists include directory submission, posting in high ranking bookmarking websites to generate traffic to an extent.

One more significant approach would be relevant internal linking on a website. This would make the visitor move from one page to another page increasing the pages per session thereby increasing the UX metrics. Today mobile users outnumber the desktop users hence responsive website is key so that the visitor from mobile can browse through the website. Blog writing and submission also help to boost the UX metrics as the visitor will read the blog, will browse through the links in blog and thus would remain engaged on the website. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign and also Social Media campaign is also helpful in increasing traffic. These strategies result in successful SEO.

Some more tips which help in generating traffic. If you are selling branded items it would yield a good result to include a brand name with the keyword. It implies that brand awareness is significant because brand awareness results in generating traffic and better CTR. One can increase brand awareness by using Social Media Optimization, writing blogs and articles and posting those in high ranking websites to give required exposure to the brand. Writing an attractive post on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter highlighting the products and services along with distinguishing features differentiating from immediate competitors will enable to push your brand. One can also add quality videos to increase the stay of the visitor on the website. This would increase the average duration session consequently giving better UX metrics numbers as average duration session, page per session increasing metrics.  Also, traffic on the website leads to more UX metrics, better SEO, higher ranking on SERP’s and thus increasing brand value.

Brand awareness can be created by popularizing the brand in the local region. The website would rank higher in SERP’s in the local region for location related keywords if the location is included in META Tags and/or content. Listing in search engines such as Google business, Bing places or Yahoo local listing is also helpful. Even website listing can be done in local search engines. Another option is to include address/phone number in footers of all pages and creating awareness of location through social media.

Generating traffic for website and brand awareness through various options mentioned can increase the visitors to the website and thus lead to a successful business website and brand.

SEO is a long-term strategy and in a way long-term marketing program to increase the brand value and to maintain it for a successful business.

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