How to rank higher in search engines using digital marketing techniques?

How to rank higher in search engines using digital marketing techniques?

Digital Marketing helps in enhancing the presence of website on major search engine result page (SERP’s).  Being at the top naturally implies the best visibility to the potential customer.

A digital marketer optimizes the structure of the website to get optimum result. They utilize SEO strategies so that the website reaches on top of the SERP’s and thus ensure maximum visitors to the website.

Digital Marketers have a meticulous plan – a blueprint for website optimization – to make it visible – optimize for search engines. Detail study of competitor’s website and researching and analyzing keywords relevant to the website is the foundation of strong SEO.

Creating and Posting Press Release: Digital marketers also create and post concise yet informative press release with relevant keywords for the target audience. Websites such as,, are high ranking websites allowing free posting of the press release where one can submit press releases.

Optimizing in the local area: One of the ways to get more traffic is by optimizing the site for the local region and Digital marketer ensures that there are different landing pages for different locations. For example if it is a digital marketing company in Kandivali, Mumbai offering SEO services then keywords to optimize site for reaching local area would be “best SEO in Kandivali” as keywords “best SEO” will have high search and high competition and it will take a lot of time to get the website on search engine for that keyword. Hence initially keywords consisting local area and targeting local audience will generate more traffic on the website and thus would definitely increase the UX Metrics resulting in better SEO.

Creating Profile on Search Engine: Digital marketer creates a local profile on google my business and BING places for business and adds the website to local directories. Digital marketer also adds client’s reviews on local listing pages. They also built citation for local listing with reference to the business name, address, telephone number, and email.

META TAGS: Digital Marketer uses meta tags for gaining a strong foothold while optimizing the website for search engine. Judiciously selecting and writing META TAGS – Meta title, Meta Description – is very significant as it helps to provide apt information about to search engine robot. This eventually helps to get the website noticed by search engines. The secret to success in SEO lies in selecting correct keywords.

Technical Issues: Digital Marketer checks other technical issues of SEO such as display of 404,302,301 errors whenever required.  For instance, if the URL is permanently redirected to another URL then it is essential to have .ht access file deployed on the server with 301 code and URL redirection duly mentioned in the file. Another error which is of significance is 404 error. Again 404 webpage has to be deployed on the server. For example, if the content on a webpage is removed but URL inadvertently is not removed, then 404 error page is displayed wherein various links are mentioned for smooth navigation.

Sitemaps: Digital marketer also submits XML sitemaps to Bing Webmaster tools and Google Webmaster tools. This helps in indexing of the website. Regular submission of sitemap after changes in the website such as adding of new URL or major information update on existing URL is essential for a search engine to index and display that information or URL. Other important aspects, which involves sound technical knowledge are loading time of the page and this entirely depends on the file size. Digital marketer ensures that his support team which includes web developer, content writer and image editor takes enough care to insert appropriate size images with appropriate image tags, title tags that suits Search Engine Optimization.

Off-page Optimization: Digital Marketer does off page optimization which includes posting on social bookmarking websites, directories. Relevant keywords are included in the posting so that those keywords are optimized.  Frequent publishing of website helps in getting frequent visits from Search Engine spiders. Digital Marketer with the help of his team makes changes in content and also updates new products. This helps in indexing of the webpage and thus getting traffic.

Today more traffic ensures good UX metrics which helps in SEO.  Digital marketer also increases traffic on the website through SMO –Social Media Optimization and SEM – PPC – pay per click. Social Media websites such as Facebook, google+, twitter have attracted masses and if one has a thorough knowledge of using these social media websites then one can easily increase traffic to the website. Similarly, SEM or PPC is another option which is nothing but the paid advertisement of your website on search engines.

Digital marketer through all these options increases the traffic and UX metrics which ensures high rank of the website on search engine result page.

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